ए चाँद


ए चाँद, मत निकलना तू, हमे तेरी आदत नहीं
जिसे याद करते थे तुझे देख कर, अब वो दिलरुबा नहीं

चाँद संभाल तेरी चांदिनी को, बिखर ना जाये
मत कर इतनी रोशिनी कहीं रात निकल ना जाए

ए चाँद, तुझपर भी दाग है, तुझसे हसीन मेरा यार
दो आँखों का नूर है वो, दो आँखों का इंतज़ार

ए चाँद, नहाता है तू अपनी चांदिनी में पर दाग धो ना सका
जिससे हमने दिल लगाया वो दिल हमारा हो ना सका

ए चाँद, मत निखर इतना की हम वो पतंगा नहीं
छूना चाहते है तुझे पर हमारे पंख नहीं
जिसे याद करते थे तुझे देख कर, अब वो दिलरुबा नहीं




औरत तुझमें है दुर्गा और तुझमें है काली
तुझमें लक्ष्मी, सरस्वती और तुझमें शेरांवाली

तेरे ही दूध से हर वीर उस सरहद पर है फ़तेह
तुही अँधेरा मिटाये जग का, तुझमें ज्योतावाली

जब भरा पाप का घड़ा, तूने किया वध रावण का
तेरे ही से हर दिन मनाये होली, है तुझमें दिवाली

तुही जननी इस जीवन काल की, तुही है मर्यादा
तुझमें है ग़ज़ल, गीत सब, है तुझमें क़व्वाली

और हो मैकदे


बन गया है फसाद मज़हब का हत्यारा,
और हो मैकदे देश में, यही है चारा |

इंसान सब से जीता पर खुद से हारा,
एक जाल और एक तो नक़ाब ने उसको मारा |

मंदिर-मस्जिद बैर बढ़ाते, मेल कराती धारा,
और हो मैकदे देश में, यही है चारा |

चाहे हो सर ज़मीन, चाहे हो संसार सारा,
अमन से बसर हो ज़िंदगी यही है नारा |

उफ़क़ के पार चलें मदहोश रहें महीने बारह,
और हो मैकदे देश में, यही है चारा |

क्यों खाएं रोटी जिसमें मिले आंसूं खारा ?
दिशा जो दिखाए अजब बनेगा वो सितारा |

ये डूबती कश्ती को मिलेगा कभी तो सहारा,
और हो मैकदे देश में, यही है चारा |

A Different Perspective On Success

say no.jpg

I have been in pursuit of success and ultimate happiness for years. Worked hard, took the roller-coaster, traveled—in and out—and even took a 4-year sabbatical to explore myself and life.

Been there done that; almost.

To me the capacity to say I QUIT or NO is the measure of success. If you’re so free that you can drop anything that interferes with your joy and peace, you’re successful. For me, definition of success is to be free from what OTHER’S think, the agenda set by them.

Success for me is to do what I WANT and WHENEVER I WANT.

Life Hack: Welcome Suffering, Pain and Negativity In Your Life


I am 38 now and I had been reading and trying to understand the wisdom of life since a long time. I read quite a lot of ancient scriptures and books on various subjects; ranging from science to philosophy. I also went one step ahead to take a 4-year sabbatical to understand my self and life.

Every belief system has it’s own philosophy regarding leading a life but I like to find my own truth and live it.

I think there’s a lot of noise about suffering, pain and especially negativity. People are big on negativity stuff. They’re going crazy over it—abusing the word.

I feel that life is a random combination of everything—all the emotions and adjectives. Life doesn’t live in isolation or with a specific set of parameters.

I don’t think things ever get solved. They just come together for a while and fall back gain.

And it keeps happening.

Personal growth and realization comes from letting everything happen in your life. There has to be enough of grief- relief, misery-joy, suffering-happiness, negativity-positivity and all of that.

After all it’s about dualism.

Life is like a stick with two opposites. It looks opposite but is,  actually, complementary. One side can’t exist without other.


Suffering and pain comes from wishing things were different. But many a times they’re not. It’s not in our hand and if we believe in the concept of the supreme almighty, then surely it’s not in our hand.

It’s a divine design.

Accept and appreciate that someone supreme and better is guiding us. Be patient and give time—and universe—a chance.

मन का हो तो अच्छा है |
ना हो तो और अच्छा है |
Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Negativity comes as a friend or body-guard. It’s like the thorns below the roses. There’s nothing bad in it. Like there can be no light without darkness, there will be no positive without negative.

Negative also means empty and unless there is emptiness, there can’t be abundance. A good example is of zero.

If your bank balance is zero, you say I am in negative but at the back of mind, you always want more zeroes to be added after any digit. This zero is situational and temporary—as said above—and becomes negative and positive as per time and circumstances.

Suffering, pain and negativity are there for a reason.

Everything is for a reason.

Let the hard things in life break you, affect you and change you. Le the hard times inform you.

Let suffering, pain and negativity be your teacher. It will go ways once it has finished teaching you. All of it is here to teach us. It’s like a guest who has come in our home-sweet-home.

Welcome it. Serve it. Please it. Befriend it.

Who knows it may never come back? And you may have nothing in life, not even suffering, pain and negativity.

The secret of living a successful and prosperous life—as per my little understanding—is to accept and appreciate all that comes to you. After all everything is situational and temporary, says ancient wisdom.

Don’t run away from suffering, pain and negativity.  Don’t shut your doors for them.

What is the lesson in suffering? What is pain trying to tell you? What will you learn if you face negativity?

Learn from it.

Maybe, suffering, pain and negativity is the key to your problem; door to another dimension—the dimension to ultimate and everlasting happiness.


The Man Who I Haven’t Met, Stays In My Heart

2017 has been a year of action. A lot happened over coffee, tea, internet and mainly WhatsApp; since we made a school group.

I met many long-lost friends and made some new ones. There are quite a few who I never met in school or I don’t remember our acquaintance clearly. Maybe, too much alcohol has eaten away my memory. Kindly stay from it.

I mean from memory, not alcohol.


Coming back to the point, Alwyn Thomas is one man who has taken a special place since we have ganged-up through the digital conversations we have.


Although, he’s the one I know least about, writing on him is a sheer joy because I love the unknown.

Alwyn is a reservoir of joy. He’s always laughing and making others do the same. And believe me, this is an art and craft that few in this world possess.

He’s a magician. He has won my heart in no time.

He’s stays in Dubai and this is the reason we have not been able to talk on phone yet. But I am sure with his visit—to Mumbai—this year, we are going to meet and have all the fun available in this universe.

I really feel that the point is not that we have met or not—in fact that doesn’t matter anymore—but the point is that he’s so compassionate that he’s made a place in my heart.

This is the beauty of love.

The body doesn’t need to meet and there is a heart-to-heart communication. The story of Alwyn is the best example of successful long distance friendship.


Juhu Beach: Revisiting Childhood Memories

This is one place all the citizens of Mumbai have been; since childhood. It’s the famous Juhu Beach and it’s beautiful.

I have been going here since my childhood. My parents used to take me this place almost every Sunday.

What a time it was!


Today, I lived the past glory. I visited there again; after many years. The fragrance of the sea was the same. The food was delicious as last time.


The only thing that has changed is the cleanliness factor. It’s become quite dirty as compared to what it was in my childhood.

But that was like 30 years ago!


I took the auto-rickshaw as we did many years ago. It’s fun to travel like this. I love the madness of the auto-rickshaw drivers, their stubbornness, their drama and their NOs.



I ate the authentic street-foods of Mumbai.  I started from Pav Bhaji, then went to eat Pani Puri and completed my food orgasm with the most delicious and colorful of all—Gola.




I have promised to go there every month now. It’s so much fun there. I love walking near the sea, listening to the waves and watching the sun becoming red and suddenly disappearing into oblivion.

If you’re in India and visiting my city Mumbai, please connect with me to take a quiet stroll at this nostalgic beach.