Not Gandhi, Not Tata, Not Tendulkar, Not Gates—My Role Model Is This Common Man


­­­­­­­­We all, usually, have a role model—a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. And, usually, that person is some popular figure in past or present history; someone prosperous or termed as successful. My role model is someone different and my definition of success is also different.

I have many role models. Not that they’re not from the usual list but most of them are friends or acquaintances around me; from daily life. One of them is Vinay Jain who was my school mate in 1995.

He was a naughty young boy in school and a naughty young man as of now. He’s always been a child inside; full of energy and fun. But he was not my role model in school days. He became one now as I got to know him better. He lives a balanced life that is an almost perfect combination of wealth, family, health, emotions, moments, experiences, time, adventures, hard-work, food, fun, friends, dreams, desires, spirituality, compassion, kindness, and all of that.

Very few have these all now-a-days and he’s one of the blessed ones.

He’s been there done that type of character that always excites me with his experience and thoughts. He has a good job in an esteemed multinational, a loving wife, a bright child, a comfortable home, a speedy car, a lovely vision, a loving-kind heart, an optimal brain and mad friends; like me.

I really like to follow virtues of these people around me because they’re the ones whom I connect a lot. Their life resonated with mine and I find solace while peeping into their struggles, challenges, victories, as I understand of all it. I have seen them growing, crying and laughing in from to f my eyes since years. Hence, I always feel connected to these people who I call daily heroes.

There are so many of them, who inspire me, as I write this blog post. My wife, my parents, my neighbors, the auto-rickshaw driver, my friends, the vegetable seller, the cleaner, the ones who forgave me for my bad behavior, my teachers, my students, my readers, my ex-lovers, the security guard of our housing society, the local police and not to forget the people who get-up early morning and travel long distances daily in the crowded local trains of Mumbai.

I don’t really connect with people who have a chapter of their name in history books or have their biography in Wikipedia but rather I connect to regular people like Vinay—and many more like him—who are my role model.


The Indian ‘Raj’ Comes To America!

Surprised by the title of this blog post?

Well, you ought to be but this is blog post has twist. and believe me it’s nothing like the fraudulent British Raj. This is about creative freedom, about creative a journey; beyond borders and beyond limits.

This is about my friend, philosopher and guide Raj Solanki who is a creative soul and among the few ones who believe in the concept of a global village.

I met Raj when I just started my career in media and entertainment in 2000. I was a junior computer graphic artist and he was a senior producer in a B4U Channel. For me, he was the lord as he had already worked with MTV, Channel [V], Star TV, Sahara TV, Manoranjan TV, Zoom and Sony Entertainment Television to name a few. He has been an integral On-Air Creative Director associated with the above channels for Hindi films like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., Don, Dhobi Ghat, Bhootnath, Bodyguard, Barfi!, Dostana and Agneepath.

Creativity, to me, is so much than a skill one lists on the resume. I believe it’s the way of life form. I have tried to bring my creative energies to everything I have done—from my college class work to my internships to my associations with major international organizations from television to films.

The above words from Raj still ring in my head. He was different from all the creative people I have met in life.


He has worked on global projects as a creative and visionary director with over 9 years of career experience working for independent film companies, television broadcast groups and new-age media. He has displayed excellent communication and decision-making skills, with exceptional multi-tasking abilities adept in leading multi-functional teams in delivery of quality films and related projects.

He’s a tech-savvy analytical and strategic director with outstanding problem-solving skills. I have learned to be well organized, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile for on-time content delivery from this man. Once he narrated his journey to me that I want to share:

Establishing a significant event in the world of television and films, right from my first venture at Bombay Talkies was truly a great pleasure. The process was happening with all my dedication, devotion and special attention to television and film. The most exciting part of it was I was the Associate Director for the first Indian version of  MTV show BPL Oye.

I still remember today that watching the Hindi song Mehbooba-Mehbooba from Hindi film Sholay on MTV that caused strong feelings of enthusiasm and eagerness in me. Those feelings that has kept my passion alive. Ahead of that I had more goal sets in my mind, to be an integral part of the important happenings in the television industry.

So, whenever there was a new venture, I would immediately rush myself to it and be the one to join in the success. To name a few, I had been active and critical in launching projects as a director for many television channels.

Krissh red-carpet in London was another successful—22 minutes—event captured and executed by him. But by the best of his recent works, in my view, are the episodes of Foodie Comes To America that inspired me to write such a title to this bog post.


I remember working under—or as he would say with—him for a year or so.  I learned a lot from him and the values he taught, became my building blocks for rest of the life. He’s a spectacular team leader and has attention to detail script editing and composition, team building and development. He’s possess excellent communication and time management skills.



Raj is also philanthropist by heart. He, along with son Aryan, keep doing random acts of kindness to make this world better. When they were in India, we were an integral part of the SOMEONE. SOMEWHERE. community to serve the needy.

To sum-up, he’s one of those who are blessed to have a blend of everything good in them and I am blessed to be his friend, ex-colleague and student.






Meet The ‘Juice Baron’ From India


Fruits is the only nature’s gift we can eat naturally. Fruits have multi benefits, like vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidant and may world is moving at fast speed then to ensures we cope up with this speed we provide nutrient and healthy product to the world.

Fruits are soldiers to prevent from illness naturally. It acts as fast agent to improvise function of our internal and external body.

With the above idea in mind—my friend Hemang Bhatt—founded the popular brand HAS in 2007. It’s one of the most successful brand in food and beverage section in India. Since the inception, the brand has delighted more than 10 million customers—you’ll find an outlet in all shopping malls in Mumbai and in other metropolitan cities.

He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropy and socialist. The thing that excited me the most is that he’s always open to experiment and explore new ideas. He’s always ready to support social causes and we did a massive campaign together to share our gratitude to Indian Army. We made people, from all his outlets, sign on pre-printed THANK YOU cards and sent to the army headquarters. The idea was mall but the ripples were big. He also got a phone call from the headquarter.

He’s not only making his brand famous in India but also collaborating with the global markets. Not only that the brand is delicious but the staff gets excellent training in salesmanship, communication and soft skills. They’re always smiling and are encouraged to grow in life, not only as a good salesman or staff but also as a good human.

He’s one of the perfect examples of the leader of the Make In India movement. People like him always bring smiles on every face and make our nation proud.

What Is Sweeter Than Belgian Chocolate? Read The Article To Know More

In 2009, I had take a short sabbatical and visited South Africa to learn wildlife film-making. This was the first time I had been out of county for so long. I was excited because I knew that I am going to meet many students from different countries and befriend most of them.

We were a batch of 10; all from different countries. One of the first friends I made was Anaïs Claessens from the land of chocolates—Belgium.


She was quite friendly and we became good friends eventually. I still remember her smile; the whole batch was behind her, I guess. She was a heartthrob of the class and an extremely intelligent and swift student. She told me stories from land, her country. And in return I told her about India. She also told about the cars her father had, her farm and her horse.  I was so damn excited as all this is a luxury in India; that only a handful can posses.

Time passed by, we had to depart. We’re not in touch other than on Facebook. Neither she nor me have the resources to visit each other’s country. But a hope is still living inside our hearts. I had eaten Belgian chocolates but I had never met anyone from Belgium before.

Anaïs has made a deep imprint on my heart. Her kindness, politeness, compassion, smile and sweetness stills runs in my mind. I pray to God that we meet as soon as possible to share our sweetness; my country needs it more than ever.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Photography, From A Master

I had known Anil Patel as my senor, while working in a post-production studio in Mumbai. But that was not the only side. There were more and I explored them year after year.

I had just begun my career, as a computer graphic artist, in 2000 and joined this studio. Anil was a quite senior person and to me he was the lord of the business—he knew everything, from script to screen. I really used to admire him.

One day, we got a chance to eat lunch together in our small canteen. We both had a tiffin-box from home. I offered him my food and we began talking about our childhood days. He was almost in tears to discuss this touching topic and almost cried narrating his childhood to me. He narrated about flying kites and catching them as they fell on ground. The noise, running, chaos, the narration was so magical. I almost felt myself inside the description. It was a heat-touching moment that I can never forget.

Then, I changed the company and was not in touch for many years. We were not in touch but he was always on my mind. I connected with as soon as I joined Facebook. I always knew that he had multiple talents but this talent of still photography was not known to me. And he had already become as maestro till the time I knew about the fact.

It’s the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.

Although, he’s on a top chair in a huge conglomerate, he finds time for his passion for photography and has founded 19th JF to pursue his passion and also teach the same. His pictures are uncanny, out of the world.




I have seen many photographs but his style his different. He does workshops regularly in and around Mumbai. If you’re thinking to learn photography, you should definitely catch hold of Anil in this lifetime. You can check some of his photographs by clicking here.

This Man Built The First PC Of The 21st Century


Yes, you’re right, he’s the man who built the first personal computer of the 21st century. But you have to patient to read this article to understand the real fact.

Tabrez Balbbale is my school mate from Mumbai. He’s a computer geek; then and now. I was in my final year of college—in 2000—when I wanted to have my own personal computer to learn computer graphics. And he was the man who assembled a personal AMD computer for me in that year.

Technically, personal computers were assembled many years ago but my universe started when he built one for me in 2000. I cannot forget the joy that this machine brought into my life. Before this I had just pressed few buttons on a personal computer that belonged to my friend but his art and craft transformed my life with the start of the 21st century.

She’s A ‘Blooming Marvel’ In The Universe Of Photography


The participation of women in photography goes back to the very origins of the process. Woman—they always add an extra flavor in whatever they do. And such is a story of this dazzling photographer.

I met Megha Jabbar Thakar while working in the animation studio I worked for 10 years. She wasn’t an active acquaintance but always had a charm one her face and a wild passion in heart—the passion of visual storytelling. She worked meticulously in the studio for many years before realizing her true passion for traveling and photography.

The best part, she realized it.

She’s now is the founder and creative mother behind Megha Thakar Photography that offers wedding, portfolio, travel, children, event and conceptual photography services through India; and beyond. Her work is admired a lot by her clients and followers. One of her best works includes the prestigious photo-shoot of the glorious Miss Karnataka 2017.

Her style is vivid, her passion is wild, her story is out-of-the-box and her visualization is badass. I don’t know much about photography but I am good audience who can appreciate marvelous piece of art and craft.

The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.

I always follow her and silently admire her and her models; beautiful models. I always ask her that are they as beautiful from inside as they’re from outside, and I think the answer will need another blog post to explore.

Meanwhile, let me cherish the friendship of this artist who is making this, an otherwise, boring world into something fascinating with her art and craft and her army of ravishing models.