The Lady In Indigo Has A Charming Smile, Roaring Laugh and A Magical Hug

My hands are trembling while writing this blog post because the protagonist of this blog post is a multifaceted and colorful person.

She’s one of the most inspiring, funniest, brave, and influential women I have met in my life. She’s a complete package of life within herself and she’s one of my favorite school mates—Neelima Desai.


When I don’t know where to start, I do crazy things. And she’s one phenomenal women who has no start and no end. She’s a circle, a complete human in my perspective. She’s works in the creative industry and has managed to put her left and right parts of brain at work; in balance.

The story of our friendship goes back in secondary school when we were actually not friends. I used to be a pest in school; especially for the girls. I was completely out of mind that time—as compared to now—to the extent that I don’t remember having any female friend as such. But, Neelima and I were known to each other due to fortunate circumstances.

Cut to, light years after school we spoke to each other on phone. We got introduced on a WhatsApp group made to reunite all of us. Initially, I was scared to talk to her because of the all pestering I did to her in school but I had to forget and catch up. We spoke for almost an hour about the past glory. She had forgotten and forgiven all that had happened; with a roaring laugh at the end of every paragraph.

This requires a big heart.

We met earlier this year and she was the only one to come late at night just to spend a little time with old school friends; after all the family and professional responsibilities.

This requires a big heart.


Recently, we met—again—at our mega-reunion that she had planned so beautifully. We went to a nice pub and danced till late night with all the gang. The get-together was so beautifully planned and executed that it has become a lifetime memory. Not only this, she’s a fabulous dancer as well. She put the dance floor on fire with her moves; along with her dance partner Vinay Jain.

Believe me, the whole pub was only looking at them that night.

After the reunion was done, we met outside to bid farewell to each other. She wanted me to stay but I had to rush home for personal reasons. She hugged me tight.

That hug was one of the most magical hugs of my life. It hug filled me with endless joy and true, everlasting happiness. It conveyed a subliminal message of lifelong friendship and compassion.

The magical hug brought all the pieces of the past glory together and ignited a fire of pure divine longing.



Meet The Man Who Inspired A Spark That Ignited Countless Hearts


I competed school in 1995 and since then wasn’t much in touch with any school mates. This was keeping me unhappy for many years.

I am an extremely social person and over the years also managed to build good relationships with all from the days of past glory; except school mates. So, I had been thinking ways to begin and connect.

Luckily, technology came to the rescue.

One day, while doing time-pass in a mall, I met my old school mate Saquib Kazi. It was not less than a divine design that I met him while thinking about connecting with school mates. We talked a lot that day and eventually, we agreed to do something to bring all our school mates together under one roof. Technology, like WhatsApp was available but one more technology—heart-to-heart communication—was available.

Our meeting inspired to such an extent that I immediately created a WhatsApp group to collect all school mates.

Little acts of kindness can go far.

This little act of kindness by the universe created a spark in us to create a universe that not only brought many school mates together but has also touched their hearts. Everyone is in so much joy that there are hundreds of messages each day—no forwards, only pure conversations.

I owe Saquib a piece of my heart and a sincere gratitude to inspire us come together for a lovely time in this life.


OMG! I’ve Got A Style Diva In My Friend List!




It’s a new beginning of my writing style. For the first time in life I am giving out the name of the protagonist in the beginning itself.


Because I can’t resist the heat that’s why. And you won’t after you read this boiling blog post on her.

Anita was my school friend who I met for the first time after 22 years of my school life.


Actually, we made a WhatsApp group earlier this year—2017—to connect with school friends. I met her here for the first time and since then I have seen various versions of her, what we can call as persona.


I was really impressed to see all her avatars and one day finally, I got the chance to meet her in person.

Being a simpleton, I was quite scared to face her. From a distance, she looks like that violent sky you can never touch but on the inside, she’s a placid pond—full of stillness and offering for all.

She hugged me as soon as we met. Her whole body, mind and soul was so welcoming that I had to lose myself in her universe. We sat and talked about so many things in life—from school to being a style diva.


She’s gaga over blacks and whites, but it’s nice to put this in her words. She uses the word fetish to describe her likeness for blacks and white too.

Her life journey has been extremely fascinating for me nut she seemed to be more interested in my colorful saga. But whatever said and done, she has an exclusive taste of possessions and a warm heart to give it away as well.


Along with the style diva tag, she’s also a compassionate mother, wife, daughter and friend. She manages to give maximum time for her children which is the fundamental requirement in this era.

Although, I am opposite to her—in fashion and sensibilities—our hearts beat at similar little moments of joy, our heart melts for same causes and our hearts have a huge parking space.

And the best part is that I have her in my friend list!


The Little Saga Of This Big Man


Some stories are inspiring unforgettable. Such is the story of my friend Ronak Modi; from India.

I met Ronak while working in the animation studio I worked for 10 years. He joined as a junior computer graphic artist in my team. He was focused, smart and in a rush. He had to get there soon. He was extremely passionate.

This passion has paid well.

Today, he’s working as a department lead in a foreign animation studio. He has realized his dream and I have been an integral part of his victorious journey. I have seen his dreams, I have watched his moments and I have witnessed his passion.

I remember that one day when he was lost and sad. He didn’t mention it but I smelled it. I gave him a nice line that is one of mu mantra of life—some days are like mother, some days are like step mother.

He’s a big man now but he remembers this line.

Ronak is a sucker for cricket and especially Rahul Dravid. Although, we don’t talk much now due to time difference and his busy schedule, I always remember him as a great team member and noble human being.


He’s The Unbelievable Human-Butterfly Of The 21st Century

I have known Surya Gauda from school days. We were both in one class; sometime. I still remember his ankle length red-gumboots. No one in the school—other than him—had the f***ing guts to wear such footwear in the school.

He was a notorious backbench-er type of student. Although, I was myself a second last bench-er but I wasn’t even close to him in the madness. I don’t think there was any teacher who wasn’t his prey.

He made sure that he had his claws of madness on all the teachers; and classmates.


After school, I never met him, until few months back when we made a WhatsApp group of school alumni. We got connected after 22 years or so. I was just casually checking his Facebook profile one day and I was shocked to see the transformation. I saw his photographs doing different social activities.


Surya—now—is a journalist, a social activist and trustee of a school—a beautiful transformation. I never thought he would transform into what he’s today. Although, he must have been a beautiful person inside right in the school days but I failed to see the depth.

The most troublesome school boy is a noble man, the most notorious student is a compassionate teacher and the one who was most reported is a reporter now.

I have seen many transformation in life, including mine, but this one is a real vibrant and radical one.

Tears Don’t Lie: I Cried A Lot That Night

Hello *****, can I call you that?

Agastya—is that you?!


After a long time.

Yes. Almost 10 years.

How are you *****?

I am fine Agastya, how the hell are you? Where have you been?

I have been to London to look after the queen.

What a shitty joke, as usual.

Yes, I was always full of shit.

No. I didn’t mean that. But how come after such a long time?

I called you many times but you never answered.



But you don’t even have my phone number.

My heart called you man times, but your heart never answered.

OMG! You’re still the same boring philosopher, Agastya.


Don’t feel bad.

There is nothing to feel bad about *****. Neither bad, nor me.

This is the conversation we had—on Facebook messenger—after 10 years of separation. I haven’t forgotten the sweet-bitter romantic journey, she also hasn’t.

We met many-many years ago online and cultivated our love is the world of binary digits. We never knew when the binary digits became one, when the digital romance transformed into a physical one.

A real one. A beautiful one.


We spent sleepless nights in the one of the most romantic cities of India. I was in Mumbai but visited her almost every weekend.

Two bodies melted into each other every weekend, to finally become one.

The sun never set, the day never came. The intoxication had us all the while. The moon, the empty streets, the cold nights, the auto-rickshaws, the whiskey glass, the cigarettes, the bed, the silence, the crease on the blanket of the bed, the room of the hotel where we stayed, in are still witness of this silent, joyful romantic journey.

But when it all ended, there was a loud noise. My heart shattered into million pieces with a bang.


I never came to know—till date—why it ended. Suddenly, she was not there. I was alone. It was random virus attack on my life. Just a phone call and it all came to an end.

I cried a lot.

I had all the ears to listen but she had nothing much to say. I drank my whiskey all night and in the morning, boarded the first flight to meet her. I booked the same hotel and waited for her to come to meet me.

I cried all night.

Once upon a time in school days, I lost my new windcheater and I cried a lot. I was scared and guilty. I was ashamed. I cried a lot that day and after that, I never cried.

But that night I cried a lot.

In the morning, she came to meet me. It was raining heavily; both in Mumbai and that city. Both the cities were crying. I begged her to stay with folded hands but she was done with me. I kept my head on her feet to forgive me but she had to go. I had all the questions, she had no answer.

I cried a lot.

I blamed her all the while but after many years, when I learnt the art and craft of introspection, slowly-slowly I realized some of my mistakes. I learn the art and craft of forgives, compassion, kindness and gratitude. That is the time I contacted her to seek forgiveness.

And to my surprise she was already waiting with folded hands to ask forgiveness for what she did.


The chapter is closed now but I can’t forget that night when I cried all night long. Although, I have managed to get all the broken pieces—of my heart—together, I am unable to find some.

I can’t forget the tears; they were so innocent, so alone. They wanted to say so much but tears are just words the heart can’t say.

I can’t forget that night. I cried a lot.

Little Mehek’s Magical Birthday Party Gave Me Many Memorable Gifts!

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by loving friends—old and new. One of them, invited me to her daughter’s 10th birthday party. Actually, let me confess, I was self-invited.

This friend is a special one because we were school-mates, and we met recently after 22 years of sweet-bitter separation. I spoke to her daughter few days ago and I was planning to go for the party right from the time I self-invited myself.

The location was far from my place but somehow, I trusted the universe to make it happen, and it really did. I was under tremendous work pressure so I thought to take the shortest route; by local train.

Local trains in Mumbai are tougher than going to Mars; in the evenings. Hence, I attempted to catch a train in afternoon itself. Although, I have lived all my life in Mumbai, for the first time, I traveled this route. It was not less than playing rugby as the train was 30 minutes late. But somehow, I managed to reach the venue.


The celebration was planned in a beautiful restaurant. There was balloons, lights, cold drinks, pizzas, masks and lot of children. The birthday girl—Mehek—wore a beautiful golden dress like Queen Clarion. I have worked for Disney for few years and for me whenever a girl looks cute, I think of Tinkerbell and other fairies in the story. I could also see the pixie dust coming out from her radiant dress.

Little Mehek is a vibrant child with the cutest smile I have ever seen in life. She talks so fluently with children of all ages. I gave her a joy-jar for this occasion and she seemed to be quite excited about the concept.


I even met my friend’s husband—Deepak—and her mother. Her husband is a seasoned professional from advertising industry and a great orator. We spoke for almost an hour!

It was little Mehek’s birthday but looks like I got more than I gave. Although, there is no balance sheet that I have to tally but my asset side—my gifts—is heavy.


I took the road not taken, I met a golden fairy who was emitting pixie dust for real, I met my old school friend again, I met a great orator who took my breath away, and I received so much love from the entire family.