Saying ‘May God Bless You’ May Be One Of The Many Dangers Of Doubt


In this blog post, I am trying to explore something unusual and this may only relate to people who are believers in God; public or personal.

Quiet often we hear words like “may God bless you” or “may this festival bring light and happiness in your life.” My question of, why this element of “may”? Why this doubt?

Let’s understand the definition of the word may. The word means expressing a possibility or speculation. Hence, by saying “may God bless you” world mean that we’re expressing a possibility that God may bless the other person. But this is not true, and as per my limited knowledge, God has blessed everyone already in different ways and by adding a doubt element, we’re doubting the supreme.


I agree that it’s colloquial these days to say such things because everyone else is saying this. But to do something that everyone else is good? Is doubting God good? Let’s explore this through my perspective:

Is doubt a sin?

Yes. Doubt is an expression of our weak belief and a manifestation of our lack of faith. Of all the sins we can commit, doubt is the one most hated by God. Doubt is not natural, it is a function of our fallen sinful state. We were created to trust God and cast our hope on God. Doubt springs from pride and forgetfulness, it grows in isolation from God, and it ultimately will drive us to seek what we need from someone/thing other than God.

Doubt is rooted in our failure to accurately understand who God is. God properly apprehended removes doubt. There are really two kinds of doubt; emotional doubt and intellectual doubt.

Emotional doubt is and can be experienced by believers and followers of God. When we are motivated by fear for anything other than God, we allow doubt to take over. When this happens, our only response should be one of repentance, and reorientation toward God.

Intellectual doubt is less common, and more dangerous than emotional doubt.; being faced with the command of God and failing to follow the command because of your own reasoned disbelief. It is not reaction out of fear, but rather the fruit of a proud heart. When this happens absent repentance, the consequences are dire and permanent. The only hope for this doubter is a grace given radical understanding of who they are in relation to God.

Doubt is deadly when it is uncontested and given in to. There is no room for doubt in our pursuit of God. But doubt does happen. When doubt creeps in and begins to crowd out our view of God we begin to sink. Doubt leads to death when people choose to place their faith in any alternative other than God.

God—our hope—is calling out to us and when we have faith we can walk through the greatest storm; and even if we doubt, we must repent and cry out to God, and God will be faithful to take hold of our hand and save us.




The Poem Of Contrast

I have seen life for 38 years, read around 1,000 books, met more than a million people and after all of this, I realized on thing—there is opposite of everything.

The world is full of contrast.

In Mumbai, there is extreme contrast wherever you see. And this contrast, which is nothing other than opposite, is like a poem. Some understand it and some don’t. Some like it and some don’t.

But the duality is present everywhere—good versus evil, day versus night, rich versus poor, ill versus healthy, light versus dark, love versus hate and so on and so forth. Many belief systems have this feature of duality or contrast or opposite in them. In fact, as per particle physics also there is anti-matter to every matter.



I came across the above pictures recently, and it’s not rare to find this anywhere in the world. At this very moment someone is starving and someone is even throwing food in dustbin.

One friend doesn’t want to work. She’s interested in advance studies and has a lot of money to sustain. On the other hand, one friend wants to study further but can’t because of extreme financial crisis.

One one hand are all my friends who are slogging day and night to run their family and on other hand, I was on a sabbatical for four years. Although, the reasons were completely different.


I also feel that this duality or contrast or opposite is poetic. The above picture is from a nearby slum. I see many children in their own joyful world in-spite of so called pleasures of life. They just enjoy whatever is possible and take full advantage of whatever is available in this world.

The world is full of contrast.


100% Population On Planet Earth Have This Syndrome


I have seen some films in which the protagonist or antagonist is suffering from what is called multiple personality disorder. But as per my half knowledge and perspective, we all are suffering from this disorder.

In fact, I wouldn’t call it suffering but more like displaying this syndrome. And I wouldn’t even call it a disorder but rather a natural phenomena.

I believe that all of us have many personalities inside us. We are a different person in anger, joy, frustration, ego, pride, sadness, depression, fear, confidence, friendship, envy, guilt, shame, shamelessness, pity, kindness, indignation, emulation, contempt, calm, trust so on and so forth.

There are limitless human emotions and we are someone else every in moment of our life.

All of us have this emotional diversity which is in fact a good thing. In a recent research paper, researchers have found that better health could be linked to emotional diversity rather than just having positive emotions.

I have observed many people making fun of people suffering from multiple personality disorder. And I feel real bad that we don’t introspect to see what’s inside us. The next time you hear or see a case of multiple personality disorder, don’t make fun of the person but rather understand that all of us have multiple personalities inside us. It’s just a matter of recognizing it time-to-time.


What Is The Secret To My Little Emptiness Of Love?


Many people find me a loving and kind man. Some feel that I am a psychosomatic-addict-insane man. Some find the devil in me.  And some don’t find me at all.

Different people see me different as per their filling i.e. what they have inside them. If they’re full of shit, they see shit in me. If they’re full of love, they see love in me. I think, it’s an inside job. The outside is all empty.

I believe that emptiness is directly related to love. But what is emptiness?

As per my little-half knowledge, being empty doesn’t mean that you have air inside the skin or your brain is empty; like me. But it means to be empty of false ego and narcissism. It means to be empty of the false idea that we’re isolated and not connected to entire universe. It also means to be empty of the seven sins; to the best extent possible.

Emptiness is a mode of perception, a way of looking at an experience.

It adds nothing to, and takes nothing away from, the raw data of physical and mental events. You look at events in the mind and the senses with no thought of whether there’s anything lying behind them. This mode is called emptiness because it’s empty of the presuppositions we usually add to experience in order to make sense of it—the stories and worldviews we manufacture to explain who we are and the world we live in.

Where there is emptiness, there is so expectations and assumptions, so there’s no fear.

Emptiness is the central insight of Buddhism and what makes it unique among belief systems. According to this belief system, neither we, nor other beings, nor any phenomenon in the universe, has a permanent, separate, and independent core, soul, or identity. Another way to look at it is interdependence: all relative phenomena are purely the product of external causes.

There is emptiness in the beginning of love. There is emptiness in the end of love. There was emptiness before creation of the universe. There will be emptiness after destruction of the universe.

I always choose to be empty; most of the time. It’s my philosophy of being truly happy and at peace. I am filled with this love, the love made up of emptiness—no false ego, no living in isolation—because love is the beginning and love is the end.  Love is energy and love is energetic. Love is humanity and love is the almighty.

I am glad I have, almost, become empty in life. And there was some weight because of this secret but now, I have emptied that in from of you. I am so empty, I am so in love.

And who knows whether emptiness is really not empty? What if it’s full of everything?

The Present Moment Is The Biggest Miracle


Today is a big day miracle is going to happen.

Yesterday, I said same words and it did happen for so many of us. Some of you messaged me that there was no miracle today. I have a different perspective on this.

When I was in my no-money walking pilgrimage, we stayed with homeless people, tribal, wealthy people, in places of worship etc. Miracle was happening every day. Sometimes we got o eat, sometimes we didn’t. But we were alive. There was peace and love and happiness around. And I was not realizing this for many days.

Yesterday, the sun rose. There was plenty of oxygen to breathe. We woke up, we went to our work. We did work. We spoke to each other. Friends, families were alive. We were alive till the end of the day. We gave, we got. We had dreams, we made plans. We kissed, made love, prayed. It was a beautiful day with all 24 hours in it. The Earth was spinning. The sun had set. Moon came. Stars laughed. We slept and woke-up today to read this message.

So much happened. But some of us said that there was no miracle. We were alive and feeling happiness, pain, anger, love and all it. And still do we feel that nothing happened?

There is so much miracle in daily things that happen but we, sometimes, fail to accept and appreciate it. We look for some other miracle ignoring the one that is happening right now.

Right now, this moment is the biggest miracle.

Change Your Settings, Change Your Life


My internet was not working since few days and I was working with my service provider to solve the issue. Both of us were confused about the solution. And hence, we were struggling. Finally, I could speak to one of their expert who told to check in one setting in the control panel. To my surprise, that setting was wrong and I had to change it. My internet began to work as soon as I changed that setting.

This story can be used a as a metaphor for life. Many a times, we get stuck in a problem and look out for solution. Somehow, we meet a friend/guru/relative/co-worker who provides a simple trick and that trick or setting becomes a solution to our problem. That little setting can our perspective, our thinking process or our lifestyle, but it helps.

These little settings are essential in our life. A little change can change the flow of our life. 

This Pillar, Suddenly, Gives Me A Class!


If you’re in Mumbai, you can find many such pillars in all railway stations. To me, it’s not just a pillar but something much beyond. For those who don’t know, this pillar signifies that the first-class compartment of the local train will stop here. An for those who don’t know the class system in local railway, we have two types of compartments—first, second and there is one more for goods and heavy luggage.

This pillar is a classic symbol of divide and rule ideology practiced by colonial rules and corporate psychopaths. I don;t know from where the divide and rule ideology originate but I think, it’s largely practiced in many parts of the world.

This pillar means that the person traveling in the first-class compartment is first-class traveler because he or she pays ten times the price of the second class compartment. And what’s the difference? I don’t really see much except it’s little empty during few hours of the day. In peak hours, the rush is same as in the second class.

The people are almost the same; same people who litter, same people who don’t let other people come in or step out, same people who are frustrated by the corrupt system, same people who are deprived of many basic rights, same people who are like the head of a matchstick—ready to ignite, same people who give a helping hand to someone new in the city, same people who offer seat to elderly, same people who vote, same people who loose everyday due to the political turmoil, same people who feel joy in small moments, same people who suffer from pain, same people who fall in love and same people who fall from the running train.

The people are almost the same as the people who board the second class.

This pillar suddenly gives me a narcissist feeling of being a first-class human. This pillar suddenly fuels my false ego, it suddenly arouses my cravings, and it suddenly makes me a superior shithead. But, I know that this all is just temporary, false and foolish. One doesn’t become superior or a first-class human by buying tickets to a first-class compartment. The reasons for this compartment maybe different.

This pillar has a certain magic in it. It divides and unites, shows a dream and reality and gives joy and pain—all at the same time. This pillar is not just a piece of architecture but it’s a metaphor for life; my life.