The Present Moment Is The Biggest Miracle


Today is a big day miracle is going to happen.

Yesterday, I said same words and it did happen for so many of us. Some of you messaged me that there was no miracle today. I have a different perspective on this.

When I was in my no-money walking pilgrimage, we stayed with homeless people, tribal, wealthy people, in places of worship etc. Miracle was happening every day. Sometimes we got o eat, sometimes we didn’t. But we were alive. There was peace and love and happiness around. And I was not realizing this for many days.

Yesterday, the sun rose. There was plenty of oxygen to breathe. We woke up, we went to our work. We did work. We spoke to each other. Friends, families were alive. We were alive till the end of the day. We gave, we got. We had dreams, we made plans. We kissed, made love, prayed. It was a beautiful day with all 24 hours in it. The Earth was spinning. The sun had set. Moon came. Stars laughed. We slept and woke-up today to read this message.

So much happened. But some of us said that there was no miracle. We were alive and feeling happiness, pain, anger, love and all it. And still do we feel that nothing happened?

There is so much miracle in daily things that happen but we, sometimes, fail to accept and appreciate it. We look for some other miracle ignoring the one that is happening right now.

Right now, this moment is the biggest miracle.

Change Your Settings, Change Your Life


My internet was not working since few days and I was working with my service provider to solve the issue. Both of us were confused about the solution. And hence, we were struggling. Finally, I could speak to one of their expert who told to check in one setting in the control panel. To my surprise, that setting was wrong and I had to change it. My internet began to work as soon as I changed that setting.

This story can be used a as a metaphor for life. Many a times, we get stuck in a problem and look out for solution. Somehow, we meet a friend/guru/relative/co-worker who provides a simple trick and that trick or setting becomes a solution to our problem. That little setting can our perspective, our thinking process or our lifestyle, but it helps.

These little settings are essential in our life. A little change can change the flow of our life. 

This Pillar, Suddenly, Gives Me A Class!


If you’re in Mumbai, you can find many such pillars in all railway stations. To me, it’s not just a pillar but something much beyond. For those who don’t know, this pillar signifies that the first-class compartment of the local train will stop here. An for those who don’t know the class system in local railway, we have two types of compartments—first, second and there is one more for goods and heavy luggage.

This pillar is a classic symbol of divide and rule ideology practiced by colonial rules and corporate psychopaths. I don;t know from where the divide and rule ideology originate but I think, it’s largely practiced in many parts of the world.

This pillar means that the person traveling in the first-class compartment is first-class traveler because he or she pays ten times the price of the second class compartment. And what’s the difference? I don’t really see much except it’s little empty during few hours of the day. In peak hours, the rush is same as in the second class.

The people are almost the same; same people who litter, same people who don’t let other people come in or step out, same people who are frustrated by the corrupt system, same people who are deprived of many basic rights, same people who are like the head of a matchstick—ready to ignite, same people who give a helping hand to someone new in the city, same people who offer seat to elderly, same people who vote, same people who loose everyday due to the political turmoil, same people who feel joy in small moments, same people who suffer from pain, same people who fall in love and same people who fall from the running train.

The people are almost the same as the people who board the second class.

This pillar suddenly gives me a narcissist feeling of being a first-class human. This pillar suddenly fuels my false ego, it suddenly arouses my cravings, and it suddenly makes me a superior shithead. But, I know that this all is just temporary, false and foolish. One doesn’t become superior or a first-class human by buying tickets to a first-class compartment. The reasons for this compartment maybe different.

This pillar has a certain magic in it. It divides and unites, shows a dream and reality and gives joy and pain—all at the same time. This pillar is not just a piece of architecture but it’s a metaphor for life; my life.

The Supreme Messenger Of ‘The World Is One Family’ Ideology


This photograph by Saurabh Sawant has ignited a motley of emotions in my heart. There is nothing spectacular in this photograph but there’s something beyond spectacle.

One is a relative, the other stranger, say the small minded.
The entire world is a family, live the magnanimous.
Be detached, be magnanimous, lift up your mind, enjoy the fruit of eternal freedom.

I am reminded of a context about a global village in ancient Hindu philosophy. The idea of THE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY coined in one verse of Maha Upanishad. The context of this verse is to describe as one of the attributes of an individual who has attained the highest level of spiritual progress, and one who is capable of performing his worldly duties without attachment to material possessions.

The idea of a global village is religiously followed by these birds who migrate from far countries to Rann of Kutch every year; in a particular season. These birds come in large numbers to stay with us, be one of us, learn from us, teach us, and go away to some other country after the season.

In the time of all this hatred, blame-game, injustice, and cultural crime these birds are actually the ones who are living the idea of THE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY. They’re are the ones who are inspiring us to see beyond borders and understand that deep within, we are all same. They’re are the ones who are motivating us to travel to foreign lands to explore and understand the unity and diversity.

This photograph by Saurabh Sawant is not spectacular but beyond a spectacle. It’s a reminder to introspect, unlearn and transform. It’s a cue to live life free from limited beliefs. It’s a humble gesture to accept and appreciate unity in diversity of this planet.

Listening Is An Act Of Love!


It’s a lovely day today. In fact, as one of my friend, philosopher and guide said that today is the first day of rest of our lives.

But, this lovely day is because of last night. If there was no night, there wouldn’t have been this morning. In regard to this the thought, I have a little story to share. Do read it.

Last night, I saw an English film—Patch Adams. It’s about a doctor, a doctor who’s termed as insane or excessively happy by his college. He’s discouraged because of his weird ways of treating but he was actually improving life of a patients, rather than just delaying death.

The film has such a beautiful message. Sometimes, it’s not about latest technology or important scientific discoveries or colorful medicines, rather about the art and craft of being human. Sometimes, listening is the only treatment, the only magic. It so happens that a dying person dies in peace because that person was heard, attended and included. Everyone wants to be included and heard.

When I started my sabbatical in 2013, what I call my inner journey or path of being a civil sanyasi, I had lots on time on me. I was time rich and knew what magic time can do. I used to call hospitals where cancer patients, especially children are being treated.

Cancer is a big one. I knew I am not a medical doctor but I knew that I have something special in me—time and happiness. I wanted to share these resources with patients. I used to visit the children, listen to their stories, make them laugh by becoming a clown, watching animation film with them or just by doing nonsensical behavior.

I knew most of the children are going to die. But what’s big about dying? We all know that we’re going to die from the date we’re born. But these laughs and art of listening gave unprecedented results. Although, the joy was temporary but it improved the daily quality of life, not only of children but also of their parents.

We may think that we don’t have achievements and assets like our friends and relatives. We may think that we are poor and have a miserable life. But, don’t forget that we have the most important resources in the universe—time and a good heart. It’s all we need to bring transformation and joy to the world.

So, today, if you’re feeling rejected, disappointed or demotivated, look inside and realize the resources you have inside you. It’s there, just use it and you can be the doctor in true sense—the one who can help. It’s all there inside you. Just take a step and reach out to those who need you.

Listening is an act of love and we can do this once in a while, at least. Magic can be created if you listen—to people and to your heart.

The Paradox Of H2O


H2O is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms. It’s one of the most important elements that keeps us alive; in physical form. Our planet has life because of this chemical substance.

It covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, and is vital for all known forms of life, but all the world is fighting for it. Many wars have been fought because of this chemical substance. on one side people almost kill each other to acquire a pot and on the other side it’s wasted in bath-tub of the fortunate ones.

This chemical substance that gives life to many has become a tool of destruction. This chemical substance that is treated as purifier in many faith systems has become as route to sin.

This H2O has the potential to extinguishes a fire. But, when a someone in love is separated from a partner, the same chemical substance has the potential to light a fire; in the heart.


Can Black Or White Be Auspicious or Inauspicious?

color bar.png

Different cultures have different representation of colors; especially black or white. Let’s explore.

People wear white in Hindu funeral, while people black in a Christian funereal. Indian babies are applied black dot on the forehead to protect them from evil eye, while a temple for home is built with white marble. Throughout the world, black and white cars sell the most.

Cult practices like applying black dot on the forehead still rule in India. Black cat is considered evil. This suggests that black isn’t a favorable color, or we can say it’s considered inauspicious. Then how come, black dress and black car is favored? Why is the hair black? Even the stone Lingam of Lord Shiva is black?

I have explained in my earlier blog post about the science and psychology of color. Color is purely based on perception and is pure physics. So, are colors; especially black or white, auspicious and inauspicious or is it in our mind? Is black and white good or bad, or is it in our distorted life values, our hypocrisy?

We give adjective to each and every creature and phenomenon in nature. We give adjectives to animals, and demean them. We give adjectives to time, duration of the day, and disrespect natural process. Is black or white the culprit or is it our dead conscience?