Unearthing menstrual wisdom – Why we don’t go to the temple, and other practices

Mythri Speaks

On the second year of the world menstrual hygiene day on May 28th, I write this blog. I write it as I read articles, posters and materials dismissing cultural practices around menstruation, calling them Menstrual Taboos. I write it as I read about organizations deciding for Indian women based on what they think is superstitious beliefs which need to be uprooted. I write, for all the women across India, who follow menstrual rituals and have asked me what these practices signify. I write for the men who have never known what to make of menstrual practices – to support them or to dismiss it. I write because I feel responsible for reviving what has been lost. I write with the learning and the realization that none of these practices were originally meant to suppress women.

Over the last one year, my team has traveled to 8 States across India to…

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Diary of an Aspiring Doctor

Water is essential for life. As a major constituent of the body,it has many vital functions. We all know that drinking water is amazing for our bodies, but why is it that 75% of the population are still dehydrated? I’ve recently started trying to drink more water so naturally I wanted to find out what good this extra fluid could do for me. As I was reading I thought why not share it to encourage more people to drink more water!

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Constructed by ignorance to travel through lies.

Struck by fear, holding on to survive.


Once too enraged to bare this intimate game.

Leaving me mentally scathed to feel nothing but pain.


What might occur if we shed some light?

Changing the consciousness that we have known in life.


If I gave a quick smile and continued through.

I want to know what that would mean to you.


Consumed by the edge of self despise.

When did the story become buried in lies?


No need to repent or be vulnerable to you.

As I found something better.


Better than blue.

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Thispoem communicates the reality of socially constructed behaviour. In today’s society sometimes we fall victim to neglect self-made thoughts or welack the inspiration to think beyond what is essential. We are in a world full of pressures and stresses that may get us caught up in a sea of sameness.

Been there.

Done that.

I hope you enjoy my story and without further ado here is my poem:

We are socially conscious creatures searching for truth

Entertaining constructed ideas, which present us no use

Who are we really?

And how may we thrive?

Shall we execute this pre-conceived context on how we survive?

I know it’s no use and we’ll do what we do

But what if there was truth for me and for you

Our roots are not constructed

Our roots do not struggle

To tell us the truth on how we are subtle

So how may we peacefully…

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I won’t grow up


Hello, Lovely people! Here is a poem it will only take one minute to read…which will take you through the years of my innocent childhood to the mundane truths of adulthood. But why do so many of us choose to change for the worse? No one wants to invite the weight of the world on their shoulders or is amused by negative thoughts, yet it happens every day. Perhaps it is part of the process of achieving ‘success’ *sigh*. Anyhow, Going forward I want to live in the ‘now’ and spend less time worrying about things I can’t change. Please post your thoughts in the comment section if you’d wish to discuss this. 🙂

Inspired by true events (as is all my poetry):

I won't grow up Once I was young—carefree Sitting on that rugged hill Innocence feasting on the treasures of life Frantically hyper—a gleam in my eyes The wonders of…

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It’s Earth Day 2017 🌍

Busy Bee

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Today is Earth Day (if you weren’t sure already 😉 ). The day we take more care of our amazing planet, which we should be doing every single day if you ask me! The day to take that extra effort to care for our planet, turn the lights off when you don’t need them, limit charging your phone because it doesn’t have to be constantly on 100%, or even brushing your teeth in the dark. These tiny little actions can make such a difference, if everyone took part! So let’s all just do something small (or big!) today, which literally takes no effort, but makes the difference.


Let me know what things you are doing today to embrace the environment, and help save it- no matter how small they are! As a keen Wildlife enthusiast, I decided to make you a list of things you could…

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Promote your blogs!

A generous effort.


Hello to all amazing bloggers out there. There are 900+ followers I have in my niche, which is so more than fantastic! They all are wonderful people who share their honest feedbacks about my posts.

So this one is my first blog promotion post. I thought to give it a try so that I become more familiar with my fellow bloggers and so that they get a platform to promote their blogs. All the bloggers who happen to stop by this post are requested to comment their back links and a brief description of what their blogs are about. The back links are helpful in increasing your site’s SEO. So, this makes you promote your blog in an enjoyable, effortless manner. You may also happen to find some other amazing blogs which weren’t present earlier in your niche. Those wanting to reblog the post are most welcome, because this would…

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