Educational credentials

I am very interested in enhancing my skills from time to time and for that, I attend various off-line and on-line courses on different subjects that interest me. I sharpen the pencil of my mind with the sharpener of knowledge.

  • Secondary School Certificate: Holy Cross High School (India) 1995
  • Bachelor of Commerce: Jai Hind College (India) 2000
  • Digital Multimedia: Academy of Digital Art and Communication (India) 2000
  • Urdu Poem Writing: Urdu Writers Association (India) 2001
  • Digital Photography: Gujarat Education Society (India) 2006
  • Screenwriting: Scriptease (India) 2008
  • Film-making: Avid Dreamer Production (India) 2008
  • Wildlife Film-making: Wildlife Film Academy (South Africa) 2009
  • Bush Survival Skills and Nature Appreciation: Eco-Training Institute (South Africa) 2009
  • Film Appreciation: SBI Impressio (India) 2009
  • Creative Writing: Xavier Institute of Communication (India) 2009
  • Creative Writing: Artisans Syndicate (India) 2010
  • Fire Fighting: Fire Fighters Association (India) 2011
  • Mentoring the Mind: Rise Academy (India) 2011
  • Effective Communication: Academy of Communication (USA) 2012
  • Youth Empowerment and Happiness: Art of Living (India) 2012
  • Urban Farming and Kitchen Waste Composting: Green Souls (India) 2013
  • The Art and Science of Happiness: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) 2013
  • Peace Education: One Life Alliance (USA) 2014
  • Happiness and Positive Psychology: World School of Happiness (India) 2014
  • The Science of a Meaningful Life: Greater Good Science Center (USA) 2016
  • Science of Happiness: University of California, Berkeley (USA) 2016
  • Science of Everyday Thinking: The University of Queensland (Australia) 2016
  • A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment: International School of Business (India) 2016
  • Be Happy: Life Reimagined (USA) 2016
  • Mind Power Unlimited: Rise Academy (India) 2017
  • Millionaire Mind Unlimited: Rise Academy (India) 2017